Houseowners/Householders Comprehensive Insurance

The insurance is designed to cover the risk of fire and special perils to both the building and contents of a private dwelling in addition to covering the risk of theft to the contents.We often recommend that the insurance is taken up for the senior and management staff of an organization as an additional benefit. The policy also provides for liabilities to members of the public, which are incurred by the insured as a house-owner or occupant.


Burglary & Housebreaking

The cover provided under this class of insurance is for theft of the properties insured following a forcible and violent entry into the premises or any attempted threat. A cover is also given for damage to the building in the course of entry as well as damages to other contents insured.


Fire & Special Perils Insurance

A standard fire insurance policy covers the risk of loss, destruction or damage to properties as a result of fire, lightning, and explosion. This scope of cover can be extended to include flood, storm, tempest, tornado, earthquake, impact, aircraft damage, bursting and overflowing of water tanks, bushfire, riot, and strike as well as malicious damage.